Giving Back


A true musician will tell you that it’s in their blood and that the only reason they do it is because they have to, and that writing and playing music is what they love; what makes them happy.  They will say that they are not looking for a record deal or fame or fortune, but simply that it is their life and their breath.  Don’t get me wrong, even if you are a true musician and you say it’s in your blood, being rejected, ignored and underappreciated takes a toll on one’s psyche. 

So, what if we took this one step further? What if, instead of looking at what we can receive through music, we turned it around and said “How can I use my music to give?” Imagine how much different it would feel if you didn’t measure success by how much you took in payment, but in how much more you gave in value.  After all, you are the most valuable gift you have to offer and when you’re sharing your music with others you are really putting their interests first.  That is the true meaning of abundance!