WEEP's Mission: 

To Heal, Inspire, Transform and Promote Peace & Love Through

Music in Order to Captivate, Motivate and Awaken the Planet.   


Download our single "Wash Over Me" at Band Camp and the proceeds will be donated to "Stand Up To Cancer" in honor of Robin Lynn Winkelmann's Mom Bonnie


Check Out Our Artist of the Month Interview with Dianna "Dirty D" Fryer on Radio Memphis Around the World -- May 20, 2017:


Capivating!      Electrifying!     Empowering!

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 "We live in a time of serious transition in our global society. The arts provide a significant opportunity to culturally name and support the change we want to see in our world. WEEP is sounding the note of peace building through their music and presence and it is a joy to journey with them. Check out their music - it is harmony and messaging for a Culture of Peace.

~Dorothy J. Maver, Ph.D., President of the National Peace Academy 

Check WEEP out in the Brevard Live February 2014 Issue
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